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You may be in the process of starting your first website. If so, you are likely finding the process of finding a web host a little more complicated than you first thought. You know you need a web host to provide your internet gateway, but you perhaps did not know how many choices you would find yourself presented with.The array of web hosts is dizzying and you have many other additional issues with which to contend. Here are some hints for locating a web host that is right for you.Your presence on the web starts with your domain name. Your domain name is important to your success so try and find one that is catchy and which also reflects your business. Ideally it needs to contain at least one keyword that refers to your services so that search engines will be more likely to place you well when a user performs a search.Many web hosts offer a free domain name when you take out a hosting plan. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are making a great saving, search the Internet for domain name sellers like GoDaddy or Moniker and you can purchase your own for a little under $10.00.Take the time needed to verify downtime claims. Search user forums for reviews of your considered host. Downtime is the largest killer to your web site, consider downtime being like having a large CLOSED sign on your shop door. Many web hosts promise at least 99.9% uptime, how do they measure this, ask for proof if you are unsure.If you will engage in high volume e-commerce, for example, how much will you lose if you’re site is down. Bad news always spreads faster than good, you might pay more for increased reliability so make sure you way up all the options. If you are a non profit organisation and your site is going to be used as a base for giving away free advice or information you need to question yourself, is it important to pay a premium price for a premium service.At some stage you will more than likely need to call or use the hosts customer support service. Good hosts always offer live 24/7 telephone support, not just email support. Test it out, send them a question regarding a possible purchase and see how quickly they respond.Do you wish to run a data base or a blog such as WordPress from within your site, if so you will require MySQL. Does the host support the use of multiple domain names, do you have more than the one site which you would like hosted. These are questions you need to decide on before starting your search.When selecting a web host remember that you are the customer, it is up to the host to win your custom.
Be sure you know everything that you require before you try to select one. Then, as you interview perspectives, be sure your favored candidate web host has it all. There are so many web hosts out there that you do not have to settle for less.Look out for any hidden costs, web hosts that do not have unlimited bandwidth will have a charge for exceeding their limits, this could prove to be very costly. If you are unsure ask the host to issue an email as you reach say 10% of your total usage allowance. This alert should then enable you to upgrade your hosting package and avoid any such over usage charges.As you review your needs also review your budget. Separate setup costs from recurring monthly charges. However, don’t be afraid to ask your provider if they will waive setup costs as an incentive for you to sign up. Have a target price in mind and a maximum price that you can afford. Below is an outline of a few of the more popular questions you need to ask yourself.* Do you need design help, design tools or templates?
* How big will your site be in terms of disk space and bandwidth?
* How many unique email accounts do you require?
* What level of security is necessary?
* Will you sell products online and thus need an order processing system?
* Do you think your site will provide interactive services, such as access to your database or real-time chat?
* How do they measure their 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
* Are set-up fees included free.At some stage your web site may need to expand, when comparing packages make sure you also compare the cost of the next plan up. There might only be a few dollars cost between two rivals base plans but a much larger cost involved for upgrading.

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Discount web hosting is something that the majority of people who want their own web sites can use. But don’t make the mistake of choosing discount web hosting that’s not right for you. If you want to have a small website that’s probably not going to get tons and tons of traffic, almost any web host will do. Of course, you’ll want to choose a host that has a good percentage of uptime no matter what kind of site you have because you want it to be available when people do find it.Uptime is the percentage of time your site is up and easily accessible. Downtime, on the other hand, is the percentage of time that the site can’t be found because of server issues or other issues with your web host. Most hosts will tell you what their percentage of up time is because they’re proud of their good service.If you’re looking for a good discount with a web host, it’s not always wise to choose the cheapest one because of problems like downtime. Even if you’re only spending a few dollars a month, you want your site to be available. So going the very utmost bargain-basement route isn’t always the best idea.If your site is a business website, you’ll want to make sure of the web host’s uptime. The last thing you want to do is have potential customers and clients not be able to find your website. Still, unless you’re planning on having thousands of people visiting your website each day, which is pretty rare for most websites, discount web hosting is probably the best way to go.What this means is not necessarily choosing the cheapest host, but getting the best value you can for the money you pay. You wouldn’t want a dedicated server for a website that’s going to get 100 visitors a day, for instance. You’d be paying far too much for the service when you just don’t need that kind of power.Shared hosting gets a bad reputation sometimes but it’s the best kind of discount web hosting for a smaller site or even a large site that gets small to medium amounts of traffic. With shared discount web hosting you have server space on a server with many other websites. With some hosts there’s a limit as to the size of your site and the amounts of traffic you get each month. But the best kind of discount web hosting on the shared server offers unlimited amounts of these within reason.There really shouldn’t be limits that restrict you on things like data transfer and gigabytes. Some web hosts have different plans for different sized sites in different amounts of traffic. But that can seem needlessly complicated especially if your site is new and you’re not sure of all these numbers.Choose your reliable discount web hosting carefully and make sure you have a plan that allows for a lot of flexibility in things like gigabytes and data transfer without penalizing you or charging you extra.